How To Search for Vacancies

How can one find an Oxford House in the area you desire and determine if there is a current vacancy available.

Please read instructions below prior to selecting  Search for Vacancies : (This will open in a new window)

After the Google map appears:

  1. Enter zip code, or city & state or address.
  2. Choose whether you want a house for men, women or all.
  3. Select “All houses” or “Only houses with vacancies” and select “Submit”.
  4. After Map appears, you may either:

A). Select “Print” (Top Right of Window) to view a summary of results.
B) “Click” on the Google Map Pin google map pin 1  to view details which include the address and “Info”, which will indicate if there are any vacancies.

Both options will list the number of vacancies available.

See How To Apply